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The Auditor is a Watchdog and not a Bloodhound!!

The Auditor is a Watchdog and not a Bloodhound, only Auditor can save the business through Audit and reconciliations!!How to Choose the Right Auditor for your Business?Auditors play an important role to provide assurance of an organization’s financial statements from an objective and independent opinion.Choosing the right Auditor is an important decision. You’ll work with […]

The end goal for Tax Planning is to keep more of what you make!!

The end goal for Tax Planning is to keep more of what you make!!Do Business Owners like to have 5 Tax Saving Tips?Higher incomes are subject to higher tax rates, which is why it is prudent to save up as much of your hard-earned income as possible. Hence, the aspect of making crucial investments that […]

Can Accounts Team be a great asset to an organization?

“Accounting does not make corporate earnings or balance sheets more volatile. Accounting just increases the transparency of volatility in earnings.”Can Accounts Team be a great asset to an organization?The accounting team’s goal is to help the business grow and succeed. The key roles of an accounting team are to pay bills, process payments both outgoing […]

Compliances not to be missed in the month of March-2022

The month of March is usually a very busy month as it marks the end of the financial year. However due to hefty work some of the compliances may be missed or the books may not be updated fully for the audit, and which eventually will delay the process of audit and filing of Income […]

How will blockchain technology affect accounting?

Blockchain technology has started to transform how many businesses work. Despite being an elusive concept for many we cannot ignore the magnitude with which it has gained momentum in changing almost all the existing business operations. Especially, the financial sector is already undergoing various reforms relating to banking, financial markets, and fintech that revolve around […]

Proposed changes in GST & Customs – By Santosh Kumar V

Matching of ITC has been done away with and only eligible credit as per GSTR 2B shall only be taken as ITC.A) Important amendments in GST:1) Input Tax Credit:From 1st Jan 2022, Government has implemented section 16(2)(a) & (b) as per which a person can take credit only if the invoices are appearing in GSTR-2B.Now […]

Proposed Changes in Income tax act – By Rishav Jain

Lower Income tax rate @15% +SC+SHEC for newly incorporated manufacturing companies extended till 31/03/2024.The most anticipated part of any Budget, over the years, is taxes. More so this year, as we come off a pandemic and citizens hoped to see some silver linings.While the salaried individuals and professionals expected increased deductions, which the Budget failed to […]